Tara Quinn


    Imaginative. Playful. Inspiring.









  • Performance








    Tara Quinn's body bending art feeds on the thrill fantasy and imagination in life and the innate beauty in the shapes patterns and rhythms of movement. She invites the audience to let go of preconceived limits, and stretch past the usual boundaries trusting a strength and light from within to hold them steady.

    Tara specializes in providing that unique, memorable, must have element, at special events, private parties and corporate functions.

  • "Oh my goodness!! The way that she moved was just so fluid and amazing. The shapes that she formed with her body seemed un-human."
    - Performing Artist Jessica Jude

    "I find it inspiring how alive your performances are. . . it transcends performance or theatre to real life, which is something i think is important in arts now.."

    - Writer David Petrelli

    "Tara is so thoroughly inside the movements she creates. There is so much power, potency, clarity, and radiance to her performances. It feels like this really authentic explosion of her own joy, joy that comes from being connected to something greater than herself alone. There is freedom without braggy showiness; what we, the audience get to witness is her rare gift-a sacred glimpse into new possibilities for human beings!"

    -Audience member Jane Hansen

  • Thai Massage

    The ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage blends yoga asana, with healing touch and the spiritual practice of "metta" or loving kindness. Pressure, stretches, rhythm and the breath connect the giver and receiver with the universe and allow for deep whole body healing.

    In addition to her 10 years of Thai Massage experience Tara draws her understanding of the body from more then 20 years as an athlete, gymnast and circus entertainer, a BS in Exercise Science from Ithaca College as well as her personal practices of Yoga and Mediation.

    Every being she greets is another chance to use the total of her life experiences, and her unique presence to allow for healing. Discovering the movement potential and deep inner workings of the human body is her life long path. She aims to infuse those she works on with the joy of experiencing their wholeness.






















  • "Thanks, that was the best massage I ever had"

    -Ziv Shalev, Musician

    "Tara Quinn gave me a baller Thai treatment"

    -Jason Nemer, AcroYoga Founder

    Tara also leads instructional classes in Thai Massage for couples and groups!!

  • Teaching


    Aerial Arts